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package acme
import (
// NewOrder initiates a new order for a new certificate.
func (c Client) NewOrder(account Account, identifiers []Identifier) (Order, error) {
newOrderReq := struct {
Identifiers []Identifier `json:"identifiers"`
Identifiers: identifiers,
newOrderResp := Order{}
resp, err :=, account.URL, account.PrivateKey, newOrderReq, &newOrderResp, http.StatusCreated)
if err != nil {
return newOrderResp, err
newOrderResp.URL = resp.Header.Get("Location")
return newOrderResp, nil
// NewOrderDomains is a wrapper for NewOrder(AcmeAccount, []AcmeIdentifiers)
// Creates a dns identifier for each provided domain
func (c Client) NewOrderDomains(account Account, domains ...string) (Order, error) {
if len(domains) == 0 {
return Order{}, errors.New("acme: no domains provided")
var ids []Identifier
for _, d := range domains {
ids = append(ids, Identifier{Type: "dns", Value: d})
return c.NewOrder(account, ids)
// FetchOrder fetches an existing order given an order url.
func (c Client) FetchOrder(account Account, orderURL string) (Order, error) {
orderResp := Order{
URL: orderURL, // boulder response doesn't seem to contain location header for this request
_, err :=, account.URL, account.PrivateKey, "", &orderResp, http.StatusOK)
return orderResp, err
// Helper function to determine whether an order is "finished" by it's status.
func checkFinalizedOrderStatus(order Order) (bool, error) {
switch order.Status {
case "invalid":
// "invalid": The certificate will not be issued. Consider this
// order process abandoned.
if order.Error.Type != "" {
return true, order.Error
return true, errors.New("acme: finalized order is invalid, no error provided")
case "pending":
// "pending": The server does not believe that the client has
// fulfilled the requirements. Check the "authorizations" array for
// entries that are still pending.
return true, errors.New("acme: authorizations not fulfilled")
case "ready":
// "ready": The server agrees that the requirements have been
// fulfilled, and is awaiting finalization. Submit a finalization
// request.
return true, errors.New("acme: unexpected 'ready' state")
case "processing":
// "processing": The certificate is being issued. Send a GET request
// after the time given in the "Retry-After" header field of the
// response, if any.
return false, nil
case "valid":
// "valid": The server has issued the certificate and provisioned its
// URL to the "certificate" field of the order. Download the
// certificate.
return true, nil
return true, fmt.Errorf("acme: unknown order status: %s", order.Status)
// FinalizeOrder indicates to the acme server that the client considers an order complete and "finalizes" it.
// If the server believes the authorizations have been filled successfully, a certificate should then be available.
// This function assumes that the order status is "ready".
func (c Client) FinalizeOrder(account Account, order Order, csr *x509.CertificateRequest) (Order, error) {
finaliseReq := struct {
Csr string `json:"csr"`
Csr: base64.RawURLEncoding.EncodeToString(csr.Raw),
resp, err :=, account.URL, account.PrivateKey, finaliseReq, &order, http.StatusOK)
if err != nil {
return order, err
order.URL = resp.Header.Get("Location")
if finished, err := checkFinalizedOrderStatus(order); finished {
return order, err
pollInterval, pollTimeout := c.getPollingDurations()
end := time.Now().Add(pollTimeout)
for {
if time.Now().After(end) {
return order, errors.New("acme: finalized order timeout")
if _, err :=, account.URL, account.PrivateKey, "", &order, http.StatusOK); err != nil {
// i dont think it's worth exiting the loop on this error
// it could just be connectivity issue thats resolved before the timeout duration
order.URL = resp.Header.Get("Location")
if finished, err := checkFinalizedOrderStatus(order); finished {
return order, err