137 Commits (master)

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Isaac 1d04d63398 Only use goveralls for boulder test 1 year ago
Isaac 6463e07f61 Fix for boulder not returning http status no content for post as get to newnonce url 2 years ago
Isaac 12860b66e7 Initial change to coveralls 2 years ago
Isaac d96775356a Fix for fetching alt root certs 2 years ago
Isaac 04972c7296 Update certbot example to save/load account key via pem instead of attempting to marshal the key directly. 2 years ago
Isaac 1a6ed6c1c1 Fetch alternative cert chains 3 years ago
Isaac 95218c1e00 travis: fix typo 2 years ago
Isaac 83a8c37b41 Update Fetch func to closer match RFC and assume ACLs on endpoints requiring POST-as-GET 2 years ago
Isaac a50e785cd6 Rename FetchRaw to Fetch, test against directory and newNonce urls 2 years ago
Isaac ecd84515b7 FetchRaw function for POST-AS-GET resources 2 years ago
Isaac 7e790a024a Add function for fetching order list from account 2 years ago
Isaac a51cd97140 Makefile: add a test_full target for local testing convenience 2 years ago
Isaac 6d64ff3919 travis: test on go 1.11 as well as the latest 2 years ago
Isaac a306461082 go.mod: bump down go version to version listed in README 2 years ago
Isaac 6f6fb0989c Update problem document to closer match rfc 2 years ago
Isaac 5f771350f9 Test order status 2 years ago
Isaac 7df98da758 golangci-lint fixes 2 years ago
Isaac 9f236bfc6c Use latest JWS code from x/crypto/acme 2 years ago
Isaac da8883bbe6 TravisCI: Use Makefile examples target 2 years ago
Daniel McCarney fd2786c4a4 README: fix small typo (#13) 2 years ago
Isaac b581dc6769 Update readme with latest module version 2 years ago
Isaac d6b5d792b4 Update examples to use v3 major version 2 years ago
Isaac c4702fa48e Bump module version to 3 after #11 2 years ago
Isaac 5cad147872 CI: Explicit pebble/boulder stops after tests 2 years ago
Daniel 87feab698f examples: fix certbot UpdateAccount call 2 years ago
Daniel ca1c45e0e2 client: use POST-as-GET for no-op UpdateAccount. 2 years ago
Daniel 39d9c2f125 client: remove UpdateAccount termsOfServiceAgreed param. 2 years ago
Isaac Truscott b8ac969787
Merge pull request #10 from rolandshoemaker/fix-racey 2 years ago
Roland Shoemaker ba421b6183 Create an HTTP client in NewClient 2 years ago
Isaac 4ddd811df8 Update readme 2 years ago
Isaac 7f5c25fa55 Add links to RFC documentation for types 2 years ago
Isaac f14981373c Update types to more closely match RFC 2 years ago
Isaac 4ca681278d Remove ErrUnsupported from KeyChange 2 years ago
Isaac b85a04d4f7 Add omitempty to contact field account objects when submitting account requests 2 years ago
Isaac 7030424fa8 Makefile: add clean to .PHONY target 2 years ago
Isaac 796f751aaf Travis CI: set env: GO111MODULE=on 2 years ago
Isaac e5fc702dbc Travis CI: Build examples to ensure no issues (examples don't have tests) 2 years ago
Isaac 3bcf7d4a86 autocert test: fixes for pebble management interface integration 2 years ago
Isaac 447b424823 Makefile: reference v2 major version 2 years ago
Isaac Truscott a3028456e5
Merge pull request #9 from teran-mckinney/master 2 years ago
Teran McKinney 49ff99cb83 Fix directory permissions in certbot example 2 years ago
Isaac 05cc997410 Certbot example: set package to main 3 years ago
Isaac d1a6d52594 Goimports all files 3 years ago
Isaac 8751de3af9 Update go.mod for v2 compatibility 3 years ago
Isaac 3382abafc6 Update readme 3 years ago
Isaac e16929830d Makefile: switch docker to test config (not config-next) 3 years ago
Isaac 6745a80197 Add option for custom http client 3 years ago
Isaac c611dc7736 Add extra tests for checking challenge status 3 years ago
Isaac a670bd7889 Add go.mod for working outside of GOPATH 3 years ago
Isaac d53da5e527 Update makefile to only test library path and not include examples 3 years ago