13 Commits (master)

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Isaac 04972c7296 Update certbot example to save/load account key via pem instead of attempting to marshal the key directly. 2 years ago
Isaac d6b5d792b4 Update examples to use v3 major version 2 years ago
Daniel 87feab698f examples: fix certbot UpdateAccount call 2 years ago
Teran McKinney 49ff99cb83 Fix directory permissions in certbot example 3 years ago
Isaac 05cc997410 Certbot example: set package to main 3 years ago
Isaac 8751de3af9 Update go.mod for v2 compatibility 3 years ago
Isaac eaa9f0e30a Fix error in certbot example 3 years ago
Isaac 1beea74d14 Move autocert into main acme package 3 years ago
Isaac 821421599d FetchCertificate: Use POST-AS-GET mechanism 3 years ago
isaac ecb68f2527 Refactor package name out of challenge type variable names 4 years ago
isaac 1e2dfc4d9f Fix all outstanding warnings in golint 4 years ago
isaac 053346ff43 Fix autocert initial connection error, refactor autocert into own package 4 years ago
isaac bff7edc9c8 Initial autocert code 4 years ago