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package acme
import (
// Different possible challenge types provided by an ACME server.
// See
const (
ChallengeTypeDNS01 = "dns-01"
ChallengeTypeHTTP01 = "http-01"
ChallengeTypeTLSALPN01 = "tls-alpn-01"
// ChallengeTypeTLSSNI01 is deprecated and should not be used.
// See:
ChallengeTypeTLSSNI01 = "tls-sni-01"
// Constants used for certificate revocation, used for RevokeCertificate
// See
const (
ReasonUnspecified = iota // 0
ReasonKeyCompromise // 1
ReasonCaCompromise // 2
ReasonAffiliationChanged // 3
ReasonSuperseded // 4
ReasonCessationOfOperation // 5
ReasonCertificateHold // 6
_ // 7 - Unused
ReasonRemoveFromCRL // 8
ReasonPrivilegeWithdrawn // 9
ReasonAaCompromise // 10
// Directory object as returned from the client's directory url upon creation of client.
// See
type Directory struct {
NewNonce string `json:"newNonce"` // url to new nonce endpoint
NewAccount string `json:"newAccount"` // url to new account endpoint
NewOrder string `json:"newOrder"` // url to new order endpoint
NewAuthz string `json:"newAuthz"` // url to new authz endpoint
RevokeCert string `json:"revokeCert"` // url to revoke cert endpoint
KeyChange string `json:"keyChange"` // url to key change endpoint
// meta object containing directory metadata
Meta struct {
TermsOfService string `json:"termsOfService"`
Website string `json:"website"`
CaaIdentities []string `json:"caaIdentities"`
ExternalAccountRequired bool `json:"externalAccountRequired"`
} `json:"meta"`
// Directory url provided when creating a new acme client.
URL string `json:"-"`
// Client structure to interact with an ACME server.
// This is typically how most, if not all, of the communication between the client and server occurs.
type Client struct {
httpClient *http.Client
nonces *nonceStack
dir Directory
userAgentSuffix string
acceptLanguage string
retryCount int
// The amount of total time the Client will wait at most for a challenge to be updated or a certificate to be issued.
// Default 30 seconds if duration is not set or if set to 0.
PollTimeout time.Duration
// The time between checking if a challenge has been updated or a certificate has been issued.
// Default 0.5 seconds if duration is not set or if set to 0.
PollInterval time.Duration
// Account structure representing fields in an account object.
// See
// See also
type Account struct {
Status string `json:"status"`
Contact []string `json:"contact"`
Orders string `json:"orders"`
// Provided by the Location http header when creating a new account or fetching an existing account.
URL string `json:"-"`
// The private key used to create or fetch the account.
// Not fetched from server.
PrivateKey crypto.Signer `json:"-"`
// Thumbprint is the SHA-256 digest JWK_Thumbprint of the account key.
// See
Thumbprint string `json:"-"`
// Identifier object used in order and authorization objects
// See
type Identifier struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
Value string `json:"value"`
// Order object returned when fetching or creating a new order.
// See
type Order struct {
Status string `json:"status"`
Expires time.Time `json:"expires"`
Identifiers []Identifier `json:"identifiers"`
NotBefore time.Time `json:"notBefore"`
NotAfter time.Time `json:"notAfter"`
Error Problem `json:"error"`
Authorizations []string `json:"authorizations"`
Finalize string `json:"finalize"`
Certificate string `json:"certificate"`
// URL for the order object.
// Provided by the rel="Location" Link http header
URL string `json:"-"`
// Authorization object returned when fetching an authorization in an order.
// See
type Authorization struct {
Identifier Identifier `json:"identifier"`
Status string `json:"status"`
Expires time.Time `json:"expires"`
Challenges []Challenge `json:"challenges"`
Wildcard bool `json:"wildcard"`
// For convenience access to the provided challenges
ChallengeMap map[string]Challenge `json:"-"`
ChallengeTypes []string `json:"-"`
URL string `json:"-"`
// Challenge object fetched in an authorization or directly from the challenge url.
// See
type Challenge struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
URL string `json:"url"`
Status string `json:"status"`
Validated string `json:"validated"`
Error Problem `json:"error"`
// Based on the challenge used
Token string `json:"token"`
KeyAuthorization string `json:"keyAuthorization"`
// Authorization url provided by the rel="up" Link http header
AuthorizationURL string `json:"-"`
// OrderList of challenge objects.
type OrderList struct {
Orders []string `json:"orders"`
// Order list pagination, url to next orders.
// Provided by the rel="next" Link http header
Next string `json:"-"`