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  Teran McKinney 0117fcb38b 1.4.0: Deprecate --cores, --memory, --ipv4, etc, in favor of --flavor 7 months ago
  Teran McKinney c1db15691c 1.3.3: Urgent bug fix, broke CLI launch 7 months ago
  Teran McKinney aff7c25201 1.3.2: Better flavor handling 7 months ago
  Teran McKinney ef9034f741 Add Digital Ocean compatible flavors 7 months ago
  Teran McKinney 168f20b8d6 Switch to git.sporestack.com 7 months ago
  Teran McKinney 8301f7b144 1.3.0: Add new Tor flavors, simplify 10 months ago
  Teran McKinney e287f1271b 1.2.3: Finally fixed versions 11 months ago
  Teran McKinney 3b7d0525c9 1.2.2: Whoops, not Python's fault 11 months ago
  Teran McKinney 3fabe22a27 1.2.1: Python versioning is weird 11 months ago
  Teran McKinney 3df0fedba4 1.2.0: Actual release, improve list 11 months ago
  Teran McKinney 4166b2b675 1.2.0: Ran black 11 months ago
  Teran McKinney 6223bcc4e5 Add settlement_token CLI features, lots of cleanups, minor tweaks 11 months ago
  Teran McKinney 14ce4376a9 Get rid of exists() and status(), replaced by info() 11 months ago
  Teran McKinney ed8a132bd2 1.1.4: Cleanup exception b'' mess 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney 43c9baa2b6 1.1.3: Add affiliate support 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney dc42661c33 1.1.2: Replace paramiko with manually invoking ssh 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney 397c1f272c 1.1.1: Add Monero support to payment_to_uri 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney ac893583ed 1.1.0: Finally figured out the socks issue 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney d03d21f014 1.0.9: Something weird about the pysocks dependency... 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney 6f1ce3841e 1.0.8: Fix requests[socks] requirement 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney 1824060f49 1.0.7: Tor SOCKS proxy support, version subcommand 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney c45a5f2b0d 1.0.6: Add list, remove support 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney a7e39ee474 1.0.5: Improve NotImplementedError handling, remove legacy code 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney d5e3a60b7c 1.0.4: Make USD actually work, small cleanups 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney 8d3fbf160b 1.0.3: Better URI handling, USD read-back support 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney c5c8c0a71b 1.0.2: Allow for additional operating systems 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney 9eaff675e4 1.0.1: Improve retry handling, fix Bitcoin SV support 1 year ago
  Teran McKinney 243b0ada7a 1.0.0: Improve timeouts 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney 8754d2706f 0.9.9: Enable diskless VMs, improve ipv4/ipv6 validation 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney 16bf2fc418 0.9.8: Adjust timeouts and behavior, other tweaks 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney e9d2ed2147 0.9.7: Fix serialconsole client usage in some cases 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney 0a39c94d99 0.9.6: Not very notable changes 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney cf5959dcad Stop sending useless "api_version" key in create/topup 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney d71dd15370 Better yet, remove validate.api_version entirely 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney eddaa47efa Make validate.api_version work with version 2 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney d1d5571182 0.9.5: sporestackv2 launch: add --ssh_key_file, --ipxescript_file 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney bc7152c391 Remove legacy V1 code 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney 27769eb839 0.9.4: Add QR code payments to V2, update README 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney 50b3b9fb38 0.9.3: Whoops, add region to client.py 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney 5401386711 0.9.2: Add region stub support, improved validation, testing 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney 92de7bd087 0.9.1: Better default arguments for V2 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney 06a1415053 SporeStackv2: 0.9.0 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney ee5391d17c
Merge pull request #6 from kewde/patch-1 2 years ago
  Kewde dd7d452609
Add GB to bandwidth 2 years ago
  Teran McKinney 8e4d5b7b5b 0.8.2: Paycode -> settlement_token system 3 years ago
  Teran McKinney 732fdf33cc 0.8.1: Whoops, make it work as intended 3 years ago
  Teran McKinney ee805210ed 0.8.0: Improve retry behavior, switch from urlib to requests 3 years ago
  Teran McKinney bb42e3f880 0.7.3: Don't hardcode hostname 3 years ago
  Teran McKinney a7294c375e 0.7.2: --version, cashaddr support 3 years ago
  Teran McKinney 10b621bc59
Merge pull request #2 from DevelopAndOperate/master 3 years ago