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SporeStack 5637790af5 v10.6.0: Add `sporestack server update-server` command.
Also improve test coverage slightly.
1 week ago
SporeStack 9acfc88e2a pipenv update --dev 1 month ago
SporeStack 65cdc9ada7 Add respx for better testing, fix HTTP 4XX handling 2 months ago
SporeStack 07ef8df8ba 9.1.1: default_factory bugfix 2 months ago
SporeStack 6c83286340 Upgrade dev dependencies 2 months ago
SporeStack 8e00f28940 v9.0.0: Use httpx, /server/quote support, Client support 4 months ago
SporeStack a947d83669 Progress + replace pre-commit with black+ruff 4 months ago
SporeStack 8a83747243 v7.2.1: Fix on Python 3.7 and 3.8
ci/woodpecker/push/woodpecker Pipeline failed Details
ci/woodpecker/tag/woodpecker Pipeline failed Details
7 months ago
SporeStack 3c5f69c549 6.0.3: Bug fixes 1 year ago
SporeStack c8f0a1cd52 Put servers into ~/.sporestack/servers instead of ~/.sporestack 1 year ago
SporeStack 39d0e41f29 5.2.1 1 year ago