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/dev/null 7ab25e1fe5 Pull pre-commit out of Pipfile 6 days ago
/dev/null 870e45dd67 Use pre-commit 6 days ago
/dev/null a09dc20ac6 Update mypy/pydantic 2 weeks ago
/dev/null cb5ce749c9 Consolidate configuration, get rid of asaman 1 month ago
spore abb0d8d77a Add pdoc, replace make.py with Makefile (#6) 1 month ago
spore ca26d95ba9 Use Alpine for Python 3.10 image 2 months ago
spore 49f469a7b3 Test on Python 3.7, 3.9, and 3.10. Replace Makefile with make.py (#4) 2 months ago
/dev/null 066b4ce6de Add pep8-naming 2 months ago
/dev/null 72c1bb12b6 Add flake8-noqa 2 months ago
/dev/null 0b701683c4 Replace setup.py with setup.cfg, remove affiliate stuff from CLI 2 months ago
/dev/null 72606e36f6 5.1.1: Reproducible builds (wheel only), use Pipenv 3 months ago