Python 3 library and CLI application for SporeStack
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Python 3 library and CLI for SporeStack .onion


  • Python 3.7+


  • python3 -m pip install sporestack
  • Recommended: Create a virtual environment, first. Can use pipenv, as well.

Running without installing (preferred)

  • Make sure pipx is installed.
  • pipx run sporestack
  • Make sure you're on the latest version with sporestack version.

Upgrade notes for going from v1.4 to v2

  • sporestackv2 was renamed to sporestack.
  • CLI options with _ have been changed to -. So sporestackv2 settlement_token_balance is not sporestack settlement-token-balance. --settlement_tokenis now--settlement-token`.
  • sporestack launch cores/memory/disk removed entirely in favor of flavor.
  • Package is now following semver.
  • Torified instance support has been removed.
  • sporestack launch's --ssh_key_file has been replaced with --ssh-key.
  • WalkingLiberty support was removed. Best to use settlement tokens instead.

Upgrade notes for going from v2 to v3


  • sporestack.version was removed.
  • Now using SporeStackError exceptions with API requests.
  • validate, flavors removed (unneeded here)
  • Settlement token functions have new names, signatures, and responses.
  • Pydantic is now used for settlement token endpoints. (More to come)


  • flavors command removed (for now)


sporestack CLI screenshot


  • sporestack launch SomeHostname --flavor vps-1vcpu-1gb --days 7 --ssh-key ~/.ssh/ --operating-system debian-9 --currency btc
  • sporestack topup SomeHostname --days 3 --currency xmr
  • sporestack launch SomeOtherHostname --flavor vps-1vcpu-2gb --days 7 --ssh-key ~/.ssh/ --operating-system debian-10 --currency btc
  • sporestack stop SomeHostname
  • sporestack start SomeHostname
  • sporestack list
  • sporestack remove SomeHostname # If expired
  • sporestack settlement-token-generate
  • sporestack settlement-token-enable (token) --dollars 10 --currency xmr
  • sporestack settlement-token-add (token) --dollars 25 --currency btc
  • sporestack settlement-token-balance (token)

More examples on the website.


  • You can use --settlement-token if you don't want to pay with QR codes all the time.
  • If using a .onion API endpoint, will try to use a local Tor proxy if connecting to a .onion URL. (


Unlicense/Public domain