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"""SporeStack API request/response models"""
import sys
from datetime import datetime
from enum import Enum
from typing import Dict, List, Optional, Union
from pydantic import BaseModel, Field
from .models import Flavor, Invoice, OperatingSystem, Payment, Region
if sys.version_info >= (3, 9): # pragma: nocover
from typing import Annotated
else: # pragma: nocover
from typing_extensions import Annotated
class TokenAdd:
url = "/token/{token}/add"
method = "POST"
class Request(BaseModel):
currency: str
"""BREAKING: This will change to models.Currency in version 11."""
dollars: int
affiliate_token: Union[str, None] = None
class Response(BaseModel):
token: Annotated[str, Field(deprecated=True)]
payment: Annotated[Payment, Field(deprecated=True)]
invoice: Invoice
class TokenBalance:
url = "/token/{token}/balance"
method = "GET"
class Response(BaseModel):
token: Annotated[str, Field(deprecated=True)]
cents: int
usd: str
class ServerQuote:
url = "/server/quote"
method = "GET"
"""Takes days and flavor as parameters."""
class Response(BaseModel):
cents: Annotated[
int, Field(ge=1, title="Cents", description="(US) cents", example=1_000_00)
usd: Annotated[
description="USD in $1,000.00 format",
class ServerLaunch:
url = "/server/{machine_id}/launch"
method = "POST"
class Request(BaseModel):
days: int
flavor: str
ssh_key: str
operating_system: str
region: Optional[str] = None
"""null is automatic, otherwise a string region slug."""
token: str
"""Token to draw from when launching the server."""
hostname: str = ""
"""Hostname to refer to your server by."""
autorenew: bool = False
Automatically renew the server with the token used, keeping it at 1 week
class ServerTopup:
url = "/server/{machine_id}/topup"
method = "POST"
class Request(BaseModel):
days: int
token: Union[str, None] = None
class ServerDeletedBy(str, Enum):
EXPIRATION = "expiration"
"""The server was deleted automatically for being expired."""
MANUAL = "manual"
"""The server was deleted before its expiration via the API."""
SPORESTACK = "sporestack"
"""The server was deleted by SporeStack, likely due to an AUP violation."""
class ServerInfo:
url = "/server/{machine_id}/info"
method = "GET"
class Response(BaseModel):
created_at: int
expiration: int
running: bool
machine_id: str
token: str
ipv4: str
ipv6: str
region: str
flavor: Flavor
deleted: bool
deleted_at: int
deleted_by: Union[ServerDeletedBy, None]
forgotten_at: Union[datetime, None]
operating_system: str
hostname: str
autorenew: bool
class ServerStart:
url = "/server/{machine_id}/start"
method = "POST"
class ServerStop:
url = "/server/{machine_id}/stop"
method = "POST"
class ServerDelete:
url = "/server/{machine_id}"
method = "DELETE"
class ServerForget:
url = "/server/{machine_id}/forget"
method = "POST"
class ServerRebuild:
url = "/server/{machine_id}/rebuild"
method = "POST"
class ServerEnableAutorenew:
url = "/server/{machine_id}/autorenew/enable"
method = "POST"
class ServerDisableAutorenew:
url = "/server/{machine_id}/autorenew/disable"
method = "POST"
class ServersLaunchedFromToken:
url = "/token/{token}/servers"
method = "GET"
class Response(BaseModel):
servers: List[ServerInfo.Response]
class Flavors:
url = "/flavors"
method = "GET"
class Response(BaseModel):
flavors: Dict[str, Flavor]
class OperatingSystems:
url = "/operatingsystems"
method = "GET"
class Response(BaseModel):
operating_systems: Dict[str, OperatingSystem]
class Regions:
url = "/regions"
method = "GET"
class Response(BaseModel):
regions: Dict[str, Region]
class TokenMessageSender(str, Enum):
USER = "User"
SPORESTACK = "SporeStack"
class TokenMessage(BaseModel):
message: Annotated[
sent_at: Annotated[
title="Sent At",
description="When the message was sent.",
sender: Annotated[
TokenMessageSender, Field(title="Sender", description="Who sent the message.")