Python 3 library and CLI application for SporeStack
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Various utility functions for SporeStack.
from . import validate
def payment_to_uri(address, currency, amount):
payment_to_uri: Converts address, currency, and amount (in Satoshis)
to a payment URI.
amount is called amount because we may add a currency that doesn't have
'satoshis' one day. This is meant to be normalizing.
This does *not* validate address.
if not isinstance(address, str):
raise TypeError("address must be string.")
if not isinstance(currency, str):
raise TypeError("currency must be string.")
if not validate.unsigned_int(amount):
raise TypeError("amount must be unsigned int.")
if len(address) == 0:
raise ValueError("address cannot be 0 length.")
btc_decimal_amount = "{0:.8f}".format(amount * 0.00000001)
if currency == "btc":
uri = "bitcoin:{}?amount={}".format(address, btc_decimal_amount)
elif currency == "bch":
# This does not support "legacy" base58 addresses for Bitcoin Cash.
uri = "{}?amount={}".format(address, btc_decimal_amount)
elif currency == "bsv":
# This does not support "legacy" cashaddr addresses for Bitcoin SV.
uri = "bitcoin:{}?amount={}".format(address, btc_decimal_amount)
elif currency == "xmr":
xmr_decimal_amount = "{0:.12f}".format(amount * 0.000000000001)
uri = "monero:{}?tx_amount={}".format(address, xmr_decimal_amount)
raise ValueError("Currency must be one of: btc, bch, bsv, xmr")
return uri
def cents_to_usd(cents):
cents_to_usd: Convert cents to USD string.
if not validate.unsigned_int(cents):
raise TypeError("cents must be unsigned int.")
return "${:,.2f}".format(cents * 0.01)