Python 3 library and CLI application for SporeStack
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sporestackv2 1.4.0: Deprecate --cores, --memory, --ipv4, etc, in favor of --flavor 1 mese fa
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Python 3 library and CLI for SporeStack .onion


  • pip3 install sporestack || pip install sporestack


sporestackv2 CLI screenshot


  • sporestackv2 launch SomeHostname --flavor vps-1vcpu-1gb --days 7 --ssh_key_file ~/.ssh/ --operating_system debian-9 --currency btc
  • sporestackv2 topup SomeHostname --days 3 --currency bsv
  • sporestackv2 launch SomeOtherHostname --flavor vps-1vcpu-2gb --days 7 --ssh_key_file ~/.ssh/ --operating_system debian-10 --currency btc
  • sporestackv2 stop SomeHostname
  • sporestackv2 start SomeHostname
  • sporestackv2 list
  • sporestackv2 remove SomeHostname # If expired
  • sporestackv2 settlement_token_generate
  • sporestackv2 settlement_token_enable (token) --dollars 10 --currency xmr
  • sporestackv2 settlement_token_add (token) --dollars 25 --currency btc
  • sporestackv2 settlement_token_balance (token)

More examples on the website.


  • You can use --walkingliberty_wallet if you don’t want to pay by QR codes all the time, or you can use --settlement_token. --settlement_token is probably better for most.
  • As of 1.0.7, will try to use a local Tor proxy if connecting to a .onion URL. ( (However, this does not apply to serialconsole for the time being.)


If using Hidden Hosting, configure ~/.ssh/config like this (fixes serialconsole and you can ssh without torsocks):

Host *.onion
        ProxyCommand nc -x localhost:9050 %h %p

Deprecation notice

Use sporestackv2 instead of sporestack.


Unlicense/Public domain